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Wooden Stairs


The Founthill approach was adopted by its founders in response to the significant challenges that come with the more traditional approach to bringing land to market for redevelopment. In many cases, a site would pass through many different agents, sourcers and professional service providers before it would eventually be sold to a developer.  This fragmented process continually leads to problems and often results in developments not materialising or value being lost. The Founthill approach removes these unnecessary challenges and gives land owners a refreshing, stress-free alternative to maximise the value of their land.


At Founthill we are Developers that have a deep knowledge of Land & Planning which is why we manage this whole process ourselves from start to finish. We are like to refer to ourselves as 'Full Lifecycle' developers with a proven track record in unlocking value in land and producing exceptional developments that are always designed with the end in mind. 

If you have land or property that you believe might have some development potential, please get in touch for a no obligation appraisal and indicative offer.

Our Values
Partnership - Integrity - Innovation - Resilience

Our values are important to us. We work very closely with land owners and always put our clients interests first. We always act with integrity and work tirelessly to ensure a win-win outcome for all parties involved with our projects. We do things a bit differently, but thats what makes us successful in what we do. 
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